The Dangers of Scapegoating China

President Joe Biden has made it clear: central to many of his policies is the scapegoating of China. That could prove to be a big mistake. To achieve his domestic goals, this policy has benefits. Like presidents before him, Biden finds it useful to play up an external challenge to drum up domestic...

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My Frank Opinions about Biden’s China Policy

My answers tough questions from Wen Liu of Wen's Weekly Weibo Plus, originally published here.  Q1. As you know, netizens in China have said time and again that the Biden China policy is simply “old wine in a new bottle.” Specifically, China’s complaint is what Trump put in and Biden hasn’t...

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The book that bamboozled US policy toward China

Review of The Hundred Year Marathon China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower by Michael Pillsbury: I hesitated to read this because I have seen Michael Pillsbury on TV and he comes across as a China basher. But unlike some other Trump advisers, Pillsbury has studied...

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Is China Out to Dominate the World?

We are hearing a lot these days from Americans who warn us that China’s intention is to dominate the world. To steal away America’s number one spot and replace us as global superpower. To expand its menacing totalitarian power to countries near and far. In other words, to achieve what the Soviet...

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Hong Kong’s Panic May Be Overblown

The Western world is agonizing about Hong Kong. After Beijing imposed a national security law, hundreds were arrested for unlawful assembly. Outspoken publisher Jimmy Lai is awaiting trial after his newsroom was raided. A boatload of young activists, fleeing to Taiwan, was intercepted by China....

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A Fabulous Book Launch!

A Fabulous Book Launch!

When the Red Gates Opened was published on September 22 and immediately became a #1 new release on Amazon in two categories. During the week of publication, I celebrated with two fantastic events: fun launch event with dozens of friends and family sponsored by Brick & Mortar Books of Redmond,...

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Dori Jones Yang has written a wide variety of books, including historical fiction, business, inspiration, oral histories, and children’s books. A former foreign correspondent in Asia, she aims to build bridges between cultures and generations.


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