What the US Media Gets Wrong about Taiwan

Hello, readers – today I welcome Craig Reeder, who has an excellent post about how the US media misrepresents the Taiwan situation. I knew Craig from the 1980s, when we both worked in China. Let me know what you think! The Media Misrepresents the Taiwan Situation By...

The Dangers of Scapegoating China

President Joe Biden has made it clear: central to many of his policies is the scapegoating of China. That could prove to be a big mistake. To achieve his domestic goals, this policy has benefits. Like presidents before him, Biden finds it useful to play up an external...

Is China Out to Dominate the World?

We are hearing a lot these days from Americans who warn us that China’s intention is to dominate the world. To steal away America’s number one spot and replace us as global superpower. To expand its menacing totalitarian power to countries near and far. In other...

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